Statecraft Simulations are designed & refined with 4 major characteristics in mind

Instructor Satisfaction/Desire to Use AgainStatecraft Ratings

Statecraft Ratings – Key Simulation Characteristics:

  • Pedagogical Effectiveness
  • Student Fun and Engagement
  • Automation
  • Customer Support

Student Learning Quality Statecraft RatingsStatecraft Simulations Teaching Quality

Statecraft Simulations are designed and in-class tested by political science professors to ensure the highest degree of pedagogical effectiveness and learning opportunities for students throughout their simulation experience. Each simulation comes with course materials and pedagogical tools assisting the instructor in tying course concepts to simulation events.

  1. Course Materials: Sim Concept Guide, Instructor Manual, Sample Syllabus, Paper Assignments, 95 Question Exam, Grading Recommendations, and Getting Started Tips.
  2. Monitoring Tools: Sim Map Report, Student Memos, Instructor-Student Screen Access, Sim Geographical Data.
  3. Customization: Change anything you want in the simulation from military strength to technological capabilities to faction approval ratings. (Contact support for recommendations when trying to convey unique or highly specific course concepts not already included in the simulation experience)

Student Satisfaction and Engagement Statecraft RatingsStatecraft Simulations Fun and Engaging for Students

Statecraft Simulations are designed and inspired off of the most popular and best selling video games. The fun and addicting qualities that keep students captivated by a mobile app or computer game are incorporated into the game balance and grade point incentive structure of their Statecraft Simulation experience.

  1. Sim Balance: By creating a carefully balanced simulation  with various strengths, weaknesses, and special powerful abilities for students we are able to create a sandbox of discovery with dozens of tools, strategies, and opportunities for students to pursue their simulation goals.
  2. EngagementThe immersive and engaging qualities of the simulation experience bleed into class questions, discussions, and debates as students explore course concepts in a significantly deeper way while working to tailor and improve their simulation tactics and strategy.

Fully Automated Simulation Experiences

Simulations Fully automated reducing prep time by 15% to 25%

Statecraft Simulations decrease class prep time by approximately 15% to 25% and run 5 to 15 weeks of the semester based on your preference. From assigning students to countries, calculating/balancing sim events, tracking grades, and grading quizzes the Statecraft system eliminates administrative work from your simulation experience.

  1. Assigning Students to Countries: Statecraft Simulations require students to take a foreign policy attitude test at the beginning of their simulation experience to gauge how dovish or hawkish they are. The Statecraft system will automatically assign all your students to countries based on the results of this test at the beginning of your sim.
  2. Full AutomationAll aspects of the simulation are automatically calculated  by the Statecraft system. This means that you can focus on consulting with students and enhancing the learning experience. All grade points are automatically allocated and reported. There is no administrative work required other than the 3 minutes it takes to create your simulation.
  3. Asynchronous Learning: Statecraft Simulations are browser based and active all week long to run parallel to your course. This means that students are able to manage their countries on their own time and must simply input their decisions into the system by the end of each week. You do not have to schedule class time or computer lab time to allow students to input their simulation decisions. They can do this at their leisure throughout the week.
  4. Class Time: It is recommended to give students 30 to 45 minutes a week to negotiate, debate, trade, forge alliances, and have international organization meetings each week in your class. However, this is not required especially in the instance of online courses.

Customer Support Satisfaction Statecraft Ratingscopy-of-untitled-drawing-5

Statecraft Simulations Customer Support is responsive, helpful, and swift in resolving any technical or gameplay issues experienced by you and your students.  Email support about anything from getting started advice to intervening in a world war to technical questions.

  1. Dynamic Help System: Instructors have a dynamic help system built into their profile that includes a categorical FAQ with walkthrough videos and direct access to the support email system.
  2. Rules and Technical Questions: All student questions about gameplay, technical advice, or simulation rules can be forwarded directly to the support team. Our goal is to allow you to focus your attention on enhancing the student learning experience, not answer administrative questions or questions about simulation rules.
  3. Intervention: Approximately 5% of simulations have either too much or not enough conflict. If this is the case please email support to intervene by activating unique scenarios that will push your world in the desired direction.
  4. Live Support Sessions: If you feel that your students are not catching on to the sim quickly enough or are concerned about getting started with your class feel free to schedule a live support session. A representative will come over the projector screen and answer questions live with you and your students for as long as you’d like.